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Jesmond Ave. Meeting 3rd May.- Conclusions. -   The conclusions from the very well attended meeting held on 3rd May at the Old School were as follows. The position of the Council ie the Planning Department is dictated by Government policy and County designations of land available for development. The position of our Councillors is that they would like to see what is best for Highcliffe, but are also constrained by Planning laws and policies. The main concerns from Residents are: • That the development should be sustainable by our present infrastructure, it will obviously put a strain on our already congested roads, fully subscribed Schools, Medical facilities and so on. • A Nursing home of four storeys with limited parking facilities would be out of keeping with the surrounding environment, and would further bias the age demographic of Highcliffe. • The loss of Woodland would increase air pollution and noise from the Lymington road reaching adjacent properties, and destroy the habitat and balance of wildlife in the area. • The danger and inconvenience of increased traffic and parking in the area, particularly affecting the School in Greenways which is already a major cause for concern. Preferences expressed by residents include: • Keeping the Area as Woodland or Amenity land for reasons given above. • Building to a more traditional formula regarding density and garden areas to retain vegetation and preserve the character of the area. • Building properties that are financially accessible to younger residents who wish to remain in Highcliffe. The list of criticisms and objections went on, but it was made clear by the Councillors present at the meeting, at least one of whom is on the Planning committee, that none of the above constitutes a valid objection in Planning law. This was very disappointing but they strongly advised that we should submit individual Objections and Comments to the Planning dept. of CBC and that these need to be “valid” objections in Planning terms. The Comments from HRA, for example, will only be counted as one entry even though they represent the views of many residents and neighbours of the scheme. Frustratingly, it seems there is little that constitutes a valid reason to refuse a scheme, but if we are to maintain Highcliffe as the environment that we chose to live in we have to make our views and concerns known to the Planning Department. I notice that around 80 very well worded comments are already listed on the Planning website, accessible at https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/planning/applications/search Application Number 8/17/0763/OUT If you haven’t quite got around to adding your comments and intend to have your say, the deadline is 29th May, please write to Kevin Chilvers at CBC Planning Dept. or comment online at the above URL . Finally a plug for Highcliffe Residents Association, if you feel that these meetings are a useful source of information and would like to support the work and activities of HRA, please join the association. We also need volunteers for a number of tasks including Membership administration and Editing a Newsletter. We can be contacted at info@highclifferesidents.co.uk and we have a Forum for general discussions and information at www.highclifferesidents.uk .

Highcliffe Beach Chalets -   CBC with Channel4 plan residential Beach Chalets on Highcliffe beach , for more information follow the link.
Report on Highcliffe Beach Chalets  
Cllr.Dedman Scrutiny Committee  
Christopher Chope MP  
Decisions leading to Highcliffe beach hut project to be examined  

Jesmond Avenue Development -   ownership of the site has returned to the original developers, for more information follow these links.
HRA letter to residents  

Dorset Combined Authority -   You can read all the information about the proposals online at www.dorset-combined-authority.uk and also complete the combined authority survey online.

As part of a modernisation programme for Her Majesty’s Coastguard , the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will be moving their Training Centre out of the premises at Steamer Point, Highcliffe. The site will then be put on the open market.

We recognise that residents in the local area will be interested in the proposed outline plan for development of the site and as neighbours for more than 40 years we want to ensure that you are aware of the potential plans. -

  Assistant Director Asset Management - Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Meetings Now that we own The Old School in Lymington Road, meetings will be held there, rather than the Church Hall at St Mark's.
Committee for their details.)
wishing to raise items at meetings under Any Other Business, please give the Secretary 10 days notice. This is to allow due consideration of the matter, and for answers to be investigated and prepared.

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